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Welcome to the official website of Kristen Bailey, author. Here you'll find details about me, my writing and my novels. Please follow me on social media to learn more about my misadventures in writing and motherhood (warning: it's a bit sweary....sorry!) and always feel free to get in touch - I'd love to hear from you. For now, happy reading and thanks for your support.





If you’re wondering how much wine fixes a broken heart, here are some suggestions: a vat, a bathtub, a glass the side of your head. Best served chilled, and with a straw.

Meet Grace Callaghan: mother, wine-drinker, widow. 'How Much Wine Will Fix My Broken Heart?' is her hilarious and moving tale, perfect for anyone who’s questioned their qualifications at life, and learned that a little bit of wine goes a long way!

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It’s normal to wish that your baby came with a snooze button, right?

Meet Beth Callaghan: music fan, trainer addict and now...a mother. 'Did My Love Life Shrink In The Wash?' is her totally hilarious and absolutely relatable tale for anyone who has survived parenthood purely on microwave meals, wishing for an IV drip of coffee to get them through! This uplifting page-turner will make your belly ache with laughter.

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It’s normal to prefer getting a filling at the dentist to spending time with your husband, right?

Meet Emma Callgahan: doctor, mother, divorcee. 'Can I Give My Husband Back?' is her absolutely hilarious and utterly relatable tale for anyone who has ever survived a nightmare relationship, felt a little lonely or nursed a broken heart with wine and carbs. This feel-good novel will get you back on your feet and genuinely laughing out loud.


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Could things get any worse?! I lost my memory, I’m so single I’ve basically got an allergy to men, and my own cat hates me.

Meet Lucy Callaghan: youngest sister, hell-raiser, amnesiac. 'Am I Allergic To Men?' is her hilarious tale about finding yourself, loving yourself and living your best life. The final chapter in the Callaghan Sisters Series, you’ll laugh so much your abs ache!

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It’s normal for your washing machine to get more action than you, right?

An Amazon UK, iBooks and Kobo bestseller, meet the Mortons, Meg and Danny. 'Has Anyone Seen My Sex Life? is their utterly hilarious and unmissable tale ideal for any couple obsessed by bin day, and who have ever felt like they spend more time washing the dishes than getting lucky.


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Praise for Kristen Bailey

"I was crying laughing all the way through it. Literally. From start to finish this book is hilarious."

"I found myself snorting with giggles on the train.  Easy to read and topical... with loveable and realistic characters."

"..The everyday is treated with great wit and the touching minutiae of family life is described just perfectly.."



"Utterly utterly brilliant! Without a doubt THE funniest novel I have read in a long time."

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