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Souper Mum

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Souper excited that we are able to now sell paperbacks via this website. Copies of Souper Mum are available for £3 (+£3 P&P for up to two books), simply click on the BUY button which will take you to a Paypal page.  Transfer payment, checking all your details are correct and bob's your uncle. There's the option to leave me a message so do let me know if you'd like the books dedicated to anyone in particular. International delivery costs vary - please message me if you'd like your books shipped overseas. The books will be signed and offered at 60% less than the RRP. 25p from every book sold will also go to BookTrust, the UK's largest children's reading charity, inspiring children and families to experience the joy of books.



A fantastic debut novel that takes a refreshing look at family, modern life, and the joyless merits of quinoa. Monday morning can't get any worse for harassed mum-of-four Jools Campbell when, after a frantic school run, she's cornered in the supermarket by pompous celebrity chef Tommy McCoy, who starts criticising the contents of her trolley. Apparently the fact that she doesn't make her own bread or buy organic is tantamount to child abuse. In a hurry and short of patience, she berates McCoy for judging her when she hasn't the time or the money to feed her family in line with his elitist ideals.


Unbeknownst to Jools, her rant has been filmed and immediately goes viral on YouTube, making her a reluctant celebrity overnight. With McCoy determined to discredit her by delving into her personal life, Jools decides it's time to fight her corner in the name of all the fraught mums out there who are fed up with being made to feel bad by food snobs like him. Armed with some fish fingers and her limited cooking repertoire, Jools must negotiate the unfamiliar world of celebrity while staying true to her instincts as a mum.

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