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Second Helpings


Exactly eighteen months after her dramatic cook-off against nemesis Tommy McCoy, Jools Campbell’s endearing, down-to-earth approach to cooking and family life has won her many fans. Although she’s kept the world of celebrity at arm’s length, she is soon lured back in after the roof of her house collapses, and she finds herself signing a lucrative contract to be a judge on a family cooking show called Little Chefs.

Jools soon finds her decision challenged when she discovers her co-star and fellow judge is none other than McCoy himself, on a mission to save his name and reputation.  On screen, Little Chefs is a surprise ratings hit with people drawn to the ‘chemistry’ between Jools and McCoy who has adopted a Simon Cowell-like approach to judging (mainly involving making children cry). Behind the scenes, Jools’ star rises but she battles with juggling all the relationships in her life with her new working parent persona.  Will Jools succeed?  Will she ever work out what quinoa is? Can she deal with Second Helpings of McCoy and the all too familiar media intrusion into her life?

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