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How Much Wine Will Fix My Broken Heart?

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If you’re wondering how much wine fixes a broken heart, here are some suggestions: a glass the size of your head, a bathtub, an Olympic-sized swimming pool. Best served chilled, and with a straw.

Three years ago, Grace’s heart was blown to smithereens. Ever since then, she lives by a set of rules to protect herself.

They include: only getting attached to her cookie jar, wild nights meaning evenings alone with her label-maker, and never looking men directly in the eye.

But her sisters refuse to let thirty-one-year-old Grace live like a grandma. They have their own ideas on how to piece her back together.

New Grace goes ‘out out’. Translation: breaks into fifteenth-century replica ships, screams ‘aye-aye, captain!’ and falls off the plank. She learns about friends with benefits with a guy who calls out his ex’s name in bed and keep his socks on. She sings Enrique Iglesias at karaoke, followed by an extra-large serving of fries.

Grace might be learning to live again but that doesn’t mean she’s opening her heart again… Or does it?

This hilarious and totally gripping tale is for anyone who’s questioned their qualifications at life, and learned that a little bit of wine goes a long way! Perfect for fans of Shari Low, Sophie Kinsella and Why Mummy Drinks.


The blog tour for this one is happening between 30th June - 6th July. My sincerest thanks to all who've taken part. A cheeky nudge from me to go and check out their blogs and websites.

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