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One Day/ David Nicholls

Matilda/ Roald Dahl

Enduring Love/ Ian McEwan

Jaws/ Peter Benchley

Bridget Jones' Diary/ Helen Fielding

Wuthering Heights/ Emily Bronte

About A Boy/ Nick Hornby

Norwegian Wood/ Haruki Marakumi

us/ david nicholls

Favourite Short Stories

As life has got busier, I find I read far more short stories.  Some are famous, some are not but here is a list of ones that have stuck with me long after reading.

My Daughter, The Fox/ Jackie Kay

Neighbors/ Raymond Carver

Muggins Here/ David Mitchell

Miss Adele Amidst the Corsets/ Zadie Smith

Lamb to the Slaughter / Roald Dahl

How To Be An Other Woman/ Lorrie Moore

Stone Mattress/ Margaret Attwood

The Cheater’s Guide to Love/ Junot Diaz

Write drunk;

edit sober.

Ernest Hemingway

So hard to choose! I also love a bit of Austen, Salinger, Hemingway, Keyes & Sparks.

Favourite TV Series

I think some of the best writing is in television these days. I watch it all (quite literally, my husband despairs) from Eastenders to Buffy to True Detective – I don’t discriminate.  One of my favourite TV writers is Sally Wainwright who wrote BBC’s ‘Happy Valley.’  Here is a list of stuff that’s had me binge watching until my husband has had to prise the remote control out of my hands.

The Walking Dead

The Affair

Orange is the New Black



Game of Thrones

The IT Crowd


stranger things



Favourite Films

(500) Days of Summer

when harry met sally

Brokeback Mountain


Lost in Translation

little miss sunshine

pulp fiction

billy elliott



You only learn to be a better writer by actually writing.

Doris Lessing




Website Inspiration

Oh, the internet.  It can be a dark and scary place; one moment you’re sitting down to write.  Then  you decide to check your Facebook and an hour later you’re in hysterics, watching a panda come down a slide for the fifteenth time on YouTube.

But sometimes the word wide web is a magnificent place especially for writers.  Here are some the sites and blogs I visit regularly for advice, inspiration and welcome distractions.

White Paper
Colorful Book Spines

For inspiration, advice, opportunity, short fiction and support, my internet history tells me I hang out with these guys quite a lot. Go have a wander....

Visual Verse


Comedy Women In Print


Society of Authors

Find your writing community! If you get on Twitter, Insta and Facebook, there are so many supportive groups and networks to connect to other writers, bloggers and readers.




You can say ‘chick lit’ around me.  I’m proud to write it and LOVE my genre – literary snobs be gone with you!  (Especially those who believe we writers all belong in our own special niches...meh...)  So one of my favourites sites is Novelicious that celebrates women’s fiction and its authors...


The Romantic Novelists' Association is also a great place to bump into like-minded writers.


Ebook Reader
Viva La Library!
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