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#2: The Kids

So, post #2 starts here. I'm going to hit the ground running here and flood this blog with a bit of what to expect. In short, these blogs will be a series of random musings about me and my life. There’ll be some stuff about writing but I think 99% of the time, I’ll post funny memes featuring monkeys, random e-cards that sum up my day or quote things my kids have said.

So the kids. They are 90% of my day, my life and chances are you'll hear a lot about them. The fact is though, I’ve thought long and hard about affording them some level of anonymity. They are a bit mental my lot and I’m looking forward to introducing them to the world... but the truth is they are also shy and not overly fond of the spotlight. So there’ll be pics like this…

(kid on the right is mine; one on the left isn't...)

And I also won’t mention them by name. But therein lies a dilemma….do they become numbers? Initials? Cutesy baby nicknames? No. There is only one solution. They will all become Games of Thrones characters. For those of you who don't watch Game of Thrones - this gives you the perfect excuse to binge watch it now and for this to have a frame of reference.

So #1 son is Jon Snow. He was born out of wedlock, ‘nuff said. But he’s a lot like the good ol’ Lord Commander. He’s a very loyal, straight-down-the-line kinda kid. He believes in justice, bygones and everyone just getting on. He’s independent, an adventurer. God help me though if he comes home with some gobby, flame-haired Northern bird. I’ll chase her out the door.