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Christmas Blog Party: Tara Guha

I met Tara about eighteen months ago at a Guardian Masterclass in London. Amongst a sea of very varied writers, Tara and I seemed to be in a similar writing place: we had both started writing (seriously) after the birth of our firstborns, and had both experienced about a decade of writing, agent hunting and further childbearing before our novels found their final homes. About to be published by small independents, we met at the Guardian offices near Kings Cross and sat through quite a bizarre evening of free wine and Powerpoint as we both struggled to understand the very testing world of book marketing and promotion. I'm not sure I learned a thing that evening but I was very glad to have met's also been lovely to hear about her route to success since. In fact, 'Untouchable Things' was recently a best-seller on Amazon and rightly so: it's a gripping psychological thriller that interweaves a complex array of characters and their relationships. A brilliant read. Really happy to have her here today....