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Christmas Blog Party: Shirley Golden

I'm not sure I can write about Shirley without getting a bit emosh. I first met her back in 2002. We were both field researchers who had been paired together in a project run by Southampton University. It meant we cultivated a friendship sat in my rusty Micra usually in traffic on the North Circular/M25/both usually chatting about anything and everything, and warding off rogue car window washers. We both loved reading, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and have been firm friends ever since. Quite coincidentally, we both fell into writing at separate times in our lives but again, it turned out to be something that connected us. Shirley introduced me to short story writing, Twitter and has also acted as editor and my main source of counsel when things have gone... well, tits up, writing wise. By some sheer twist of fate, our novels were published this year within a month of each other. I am honoured to have her on my blog and urge everyone to go out and read her fantastic writing. Skyjacked is a brilliant sci-fi story: a unique blend of adventure steeped in the human experience....