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Christmas Blog Party: Jonathan Phang

My Christmas Blog Party concludes today with a beautiful post by food writer and journalist, Jonathan Phang. I've only ever known Jonathan as Joey - his parents, Roy and Maureen were good friends of my father. They all hailed from Guyana, Roy and dad were both dentists and I remember many a Sunday afternoon spent in their house in Isleworth enjoying their company, tucking into Maureen's phenomenal chicken salad and her amazing pepperpot: a Guyanese stew flavoured with cinnamon and cassareep (and still a huge festive favourite in our house!) Roy and Maureen were both incredibly kind and hospitable people and when we'd visit them, my dad would go into complete West Indian mode: full lilting accent, and plenty of laughter and dancing as my siblings and I would watch from their giant velveteen sofas. Happy times.