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Christmas Blog Party: Karen King

It's all about the Accenteers for the next couple of days and today it's lovely to welcome Karen to my blog: a fellow writer of contemporary women's fiction. She also writes children's fiction and YA and I'm really happy to see she's a great advocate of creative writing and reading in schools....with little ones myself, this is always a great inspiration to see a writer so heavily involved in promoting the arts. A pleasure that she's dropped by today...

Thank you for inviting me onto your wonderful Christmas blog, Kristen. What a lovely idea to share Festive recipes. I’m not one for cooking any more than necessary but when my children were young we used to make Christmas treats, both to eat ourselves and as presents for friends. One of our favourite treats were peppermint creams, so I wondered if your readers might like the recipe. Here it is.

Peppermint Creams


3 cups of icing sugar

The white of a small egg

5 drops of peppermint essence


A mixing bowl

Paper sweet cases

An egg cup


  1. Put the icing sugar into a mixing bowl, then add the peppermint essence and egg white and stir until if forms a very thick paste. Add more icing sugar if it’s still a bit sticky.

  2. Coat a board or table top with icing sugar and put the mixture on it. Knead it well until it’s firm and dry then roll it out to about 1cm thick.

  3. Use an egg cup to cut out the peppermint creams. Put them in sweet cases and leave them in the fridge to set.

If you want, you can dip the peppermint creams into melted cooking chocolate then put them back in the fridge to set again.

If we were giving the treats to someone as a present we would either put them in a pretty tin or make a gift basket. To make the basket we’d cover a clean, empty margarine container with silver foil, make a handle with rolled up foil and tape it, then line it with a paper doily - leaving the frilly edge hanging over the top - and put the peppermint creams inside. My kids used to love to decorate the baskets with Christmas stickers.

Have fun!

A great recipe, thank you Karen! I think my kids would love those!! xx

About Karen

A member of the Romantic Novelists' Association, the Society of Authors and the Society of Women Writers and Journalists, Karen King writes sassy, contemporary romance just right for reading on the beach. 'I do - or do I?' is her first chick-lit for Accent Press and has recently been nominated for the RONA. She has been contracted for two more chick-lit novels. In addition, Accent Press have republished her earlier romance novels, The Millionaire Plan and Never Say Forever.

Karen has also written several short stories for women’s magazine and had 120 children's books published.

When she isn’t writing, Karen likes travelling, watching the ‘soaps’ and reading. Give her a good book and a box of chocolates and she thinks she’s in Heaven.

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Twitter: @karen_king

Karen King Romance Author Facebook Page

Karen King Children’s Books Facebook Page



About 'I Do - Or Do I?'

Local journalist Cassie is getting married to hot-shot lawyer, reliable Timothy, and his mother Sylvia, who Cassie has nicknamed ‘Monster-in-Law’, wants to plan the entire wedding. When Sylvia books the exclusive ID Images to take photographs of the extravagant do, Cassie has no idea what she’s walking into. The elusive JM, ID Images’ newest photographer, just so happens to be Jared, Cassie’s first love and ex-fiancé, who broke off their engagement to travel and take photos of far-reaching wonders. He’s back to pay for his next wild adventure. Cassie decides it’s best to pretend not to know him, but when she’s asked to write an article for her newspaper, she’s tasked with a column surrounding all things wedding related. When Cassie jokingly writes a column meant for herself depicting her situation, a co-worker submits it in place of the real article and it’s soon making headlines, with readers asking the age old question - Who Will She Choose?

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