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Christmas Blog Party: Victoria & Rosemary Gemmell

I first met Vikki via the awesome power of social media. She had read a short story I'd written for Mslexia magazine, found me on Facebook and wrote me a lovely message to say how much she'd enjoyed it. When you're starting out in writing and don't really have that much faith in your abilities then it's these messages which keep you going. We became FB friends after this and I delighted in hearing of her success in YA fiction. I'm not sure if she knows this either but she was the one who shared the link about the Accent Press writing comp that got me signed so she may very well be the reason I ever got published in the first place! Vikki's mum, Rosemary is also a writer of contemporary romance and historical fiction inspired by her native Scotland. A real pleasure to welcome them here today as a mother and daughter writing duo...