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Christmas Blog Party: Jackie Kabler

So....finally, someone has bought some alcohol to the party! Yay! And double yay for the lovely Jackie Kabler who's blogging with me today. I had the pleasure of meeting Jackie in October at the launch of her second book, The Deadline. It was a fab event because up until that point I'd not really met many Accent folk... so I was truly grateful to have been given the chance to meet lots of talented authors and network with some fantastic book bloggers. A warm festive welcome to her today....

(l-r: Laura Wilkinson, my very yellow bag ,me, Cheryl Rees-Price, Jackie Kabler, Lynne Shelby)

We are a very foodie family – my husband and I adore eating good food, and Christmas is such a brilliant excuse for a proper splurge. I absolutely love everything about it – eating chocolate at inappropriate times, chomping though six kinds of cheese in one sitting, champagne for breakfast, the lot. Sadly however, I am probably the worst cook in the entire world (hubby is the chef in our house), and my contribution to celebration meals is generally of the setting the table/lighting the candles/opening the wine variety. This year I will also be introducing a new party game which I discovered on a great gift website – pass the Brussels Sprout, a festive version of pass the parcel, which pleases me greatly. Cooking, however, is not really my top talent.

Hence, when I was asked for a Christmas recipe I momentarily flew into a panic. RECIPE? ME? Then I remembered – booze! So much easier. This is a recipe for a cocktail which has become very much part of Christmas for us over the past few years. It’s actually part cocktail, part dessert, and is absolutely delicious. A little too delicious, maybe. When my family were staying for the festive season a couple of years ago, I suggested at about 11pm on Christmas night that my sister and I have one as a night cap. My mother looked at us both and said wryly “You two have been having night caps since ten o’clock this morning…”

Anyway, here it is. It’s a Chocolate Orange Martini, and it’s divine.


1 measure orange vodka (Smirnoff do a good one)

Tablespoon of finely grated Terry’s chocolate orange or similar

Half a cup of chocolate ice cream (soften at room temperature before use)

Orange slices for the finishing touch

Ice cubes


Run an orange slice round the rim of a chilled martini glass to moisten, then dip the rim in the grated chocolate to decorate.

Add the vodka and ice cream to a cocktail shaker with some ice cubes and shake until smooth. Strain into the prepared glass and garnish with another orange slice.

Done. Enjoy!

As you can see, this would make a yummy dessert as well as an indulgent drink. And if you want to add a few orange chocolates on the side and nibble those as you sip, even better. Or you could even pour it over vanilla ice-cream or sponge as a naughty sauce – adults only! Happy Christmas.

This is definitely my sort of Christmas recipe! Thank you so much for sharing, Jackie xx

About Jackie

Jackie Kabler worked as a newspaper reporter and then in television news for twenty years, including nearly a decade on GMTV. She later appeared on BBC and ITV News, and presented a property show for Sky. Now a presenter on shopping channel QVC, Jackie is also author of the Cora Baxter Mysteries, a series of murder mysteries set in a television newsroom. The first, The Dead Dog Day, was published by Accent Press in 2015 and became an Amazon top 25 bestseller. The second, The Deadline, has just been released.


When TV reporter Cora Baxter attends the scene of a murder in a London park, she's horrified to discover the victim is someone she knows - and devastated when one of her best friends is charged with the crime. With seemingly solid evidence, the police investigation team - reluctantly led by Cora's boyfriend DCI Adam Bradberry - believe the case is closed. Suddenly the fun-filled life of Cora and her eccentric camera crew takes a darker turn. Has somebody framed their friend? Does the answer lie not in London, but in New York? And can Cora find out the truth before the trial begins? Cora Baxter is back - and this time, she's facing the most important deadline of her career.




Twitter @jackiekabler


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