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#4: Mum vs Food

So for those of you who eat right, eat well, Instagram your dinners out and who make their own pasta…look away now. Because this blog is about food and well, my lack of love for it. That’s not to say I’m ungrateful…I know it’s a resource that I am lucky to have, I really do. But, in my eyes, this last decade has seen the (rather unfortunate) rise of the foodie. A rise that I’m not too sure how to handle.

Because I am from a family full of foodies. Geez, these kids like their food. Case in point, my sister and brother…and because we’re running with a theme here – they will now be known as McGarrett and Kono (they’re also the only two people in the world who watch Hawaii Five-O...).

"...whaddya mean there's a special offer on Krispy Kremes? STEP AWAY FROM THE DOUGHNUTS! GIVE US TWO DOZEN!"

McG and Kono (or McKono) are BIG foodies. They go out to restaurants, they Instagram the hell out of anything they’ve eaten/cooked and dang it, those two can kill a buffet, like murder it. We all went backpacking around the US, now over 12 years ago and I’ll always remember whilst my agenda was sights, experiences and comedy photos – theirs was the food. So much so that when I chose not to partake in giant breakfast platters and hamburgers the size of my head, they rang my mother back in the UK and relayed their suspicions that they thought I may have an eating disorder….Here is a selection of their food pictures. Marvel in the excess and the symmetry of my sister's pecans.