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Age Is Just A Number (A Really Big Number...)

So, apologies for the blog hiatus. I was about but I figured with the sun coming out, you didn't need to hear from lil ol' me for a I right? Isn't it lovely that summer's finally graced us with her presence? Hello, lovely. You know it's officially summer when you see a man riding a bicycle around town without a shirt. Have you seen him yet? Did he have his t-shirt rolled up and tucked in his trousers as he weaved through the traffic with a can of Foster’s in one hand? Yep, suck on that Chris Froome, betcha can’t do that. But along with half naked men on bikes and summer come many things. It means, like some sad saddo, I get excited about getting my laundry out on the line. I will dig through my drawers looking for creased maxi dresses that have been in hibernation. I will have to do something to my body hair to make myself fit for human eyes (Chewbacca springs to mind…time to get the strimmer out?)