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The Second Helpings Blog Tour

Well, hello again lovely people! It's been a while, eh? I'll admit I stopped blogging for a while. One can blame laziness, fatigue, the lack of inspiration, all those ruddy children but the truth is I was souper (geddit!) busy putting the final touches to Second Helpings, the sequel to Souper Mum. Yes, there's another book! Yay! So a lot of time has been dedicated to sorting taglines, blurbs, edits, proofs and covers. I had to write another ending. I had to change some of the characters' names as I realised I had no less than three peripheral characters called Phil. I also decided that now was the time to hit the ground running with the promo. I needed to do what them young kids are doing and get on that social media - promo the shit out of this one.

So one way to do this: let's go on a blog tour! What is a blog tour? Well, it's where I trawl through the wilderness of t'interweb and visit a different website or blog everyday. Once I'm there, I'll answer Q&As, leave a guest post or an extract of the book. The tour will take place from today until the 4th December. Here's my tour poster. There is the overwhelming need to plaster this illegally over some hoarding somewhere. I won't. But shield your eyes, it's heavy on the tangerine.

So please, follow me as I write and guest blog my ass off for the next month or so. It's not all promo and reviews. A lot of it is a chance to find out more about me and my books. All my guest posts usually have at least one guaranteed funny moment (I hope...) and it's also a great way for you to find out about some other authors and book bloggers out there. They are a marvellous bunch and I am forever grateful for their support and offers to host me.

So enjoy! If all goes well, I will sell some tour memorabilia at the end of this. Possibly some novelty keyrings and glow in the dark wands....

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