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Christmas Blog Party

Meh, arrrgh, Christmas....what? It's December already? How in the hell of motherly Jesus did that happen? I swear I was just moaning about the summer holidays? It's been a busy old time recently. We launched Second Helpings and I did my first blog tour. Thank you to everyone who hosted me during this time, for all the likes and shares and RTs and follows. Writing sure feels like quite the solitary endeavour sometimes but recently, I've been thrown in the path of some truly lovely souls who have helped redeem my faith in people, in the universe and helped me remember why I write, why I want to keep writing. Thank you, lovely souls xx

So, as it's that time of year, I wanted to pay it forward. Let's have a party! But not at my house because it's a tip and there aren't enough chairs. Let's do this shindig online and everyone bring a recipe - something Christmassy to share with the room! But I can't cook! I don't care, bring your mum's recipes or some great Xmassy foodie memory. Crack open the Bailey's (see what I did there!) Wear something festive! Let's get our Christmas on, people!

So for the next twelve days, I'd like to introduce you to a superb array of writers who've come along to join in my festive blog party. Huge thanks to all of them for their contributions. Take this opportunity to read about them and their books and add them to your Christmas shopping lists as well - books are awesome presents! And so easy to wrap! Which reminds me.....number of presents I have bought = zero. Nice work, 'Souper Mum.'

Here's a schedule for my Christmas Blogs below - I've had a sneak peek at some of the contributions. There's a recipe there for a Chocolate Orange Martini. That alone should sell this. Enjoy xx

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