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The Rise of Souper Mum, Part 3

Spanners, works. I know all about those at the moment. We’re out of hospital and back home now. I can hardly see for fatigue. I feel disgusting mainly because I’ve been living off a diet of Walkers, Snickers and vending machine drinks for the past two days. I’ve also done a lot of colouring. Isn’t colouring great? Colouring kicks ass. Arya and I spent most of our time colouring minions which means we used a lot of yellow, a lot of blue and I attempted to draw bananas that really ended up looking like bent willies. We met some lovely people. I was slightly resentful when she cleaned her plate of the hospital food and asked me to recreate such a dish at home. But she’s OK. Me, less so. Any time my Bailey babies get poorly, it’s always a little bit of a jolt, but most tellingly, it always transports me back to eighteen months ago when the biggest of spanners, the loudest of hand grenades came flying into view.