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Helping Souper Mum....

Lots of people asking how to help Souper Mum, how can I get the message out, how can I help her get noticed. She's a classy bird ol' Souper Mum...she won't go for the naked selfie or some random sex tape to get her name in the papers. She'll hopefully get noticed on her own merits. But as a reader, there is plenty you can do to give her a nudge in the right direction. Can I just thank everyone for their unwavering support and love? I hope this will all still be forthcoming once you've read it (!) ....but seriously, people have been all over the social media with Souper Mum and have been kind and generous with their comments. I warn you that I will hug you when I see you next. And buy you a drink. And possibly kiss you xxx

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